One of life's most endearing privileges is the experience of spending time with another and nothing brings people closer together like cooking outdoors. Here at Gas One, it is our commitment to do just that. Founded as a family company, we truly understand the value of spending time with one another. It is because of this underlying reason our foremost priority is to deliver our line of quality products to re-create the family environment, making it easier to enjoy the outdoors.


We've always been firm believers that businesses exist to serve the community, which is why we're constantly rethinking our business to put our community first to provide sustainable prices that do not come at the expense of quality. We seek to redefine the idea that affordable products lack in quality. Our mission is simple: Provide reliable, quality products at an affordable price to those who support us.


"We believe that even small things matter."

In our minds, the finished product is only as good as its details , which is why we pay careful and obsessive attention to all the small things to ensure that what we deliver is in accordance to the wants and needs of our community.


"Our brand and company only exists as long as the community we serve allows us to." This makes the safety and wellbeing our consumers, one of our main concerns. Our products are CSA and UL certified, and are designed in adherence to their regulations to increase consumer confidence in our brandmore importantly, the safety and satisfaction of our community.


"More than a company, Gas One is a family"

We'd like to consider the community we serve as an extension of our Gas one Family, and as family should, we take careful consideration of the voices and opinions of our members. When we develop our products, we keep in the mind the vision and perspective of our customers.