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Butane vs Propane vs IsoButane

Butane vs Propane vs IsoButane. While all three fuel sources might seem to be similar, each have their own set of unique of characteristics that set them apart from one another. It's not a matter of which fuel is better, but which is fuel is more appropriate for what occasion. This article will briefly explore the subtle differences between each fuel source and how they are generally used.


Immensely compact and weighing only 8 oz, Butane Canisters have become a commodity for outdoor chefs and avid campers alike. They are lightweight, compact, and affordable; an ideal situation for anyone looking to save a buck.

  • Incredibly lightweight with a weight of only 8 oz
  • Stronger fuel source than propane
  • An increasing demand of butane products leading to wider accessibility of butane canisters
  • Non Refillable
  • Highler Boiling Point compared to its Propane and Isobutane Counter Parts making it difficult to operate in colder temperatures
Used For



Chances are, if you're an avid camper, or at the very least, enjoy the outdoors, you've seen your fair share of 16.4 oz propane tanks. Built with metal, these small and sturdy tanks use the same fuel as their popularized larger 20 lb tank counterparts.

  • Refillable from a larger propane tank using a propane refill adapter
  • Compatible with a diverse variety of camp stoves
  • Has a higher boiling point than butane canisters and isobutane canisters allowing them to stay effective in colder temperatures
  • Heavier than 8 oz butane canisters as well isobutane canisters
  • Somewhat bulkier than other portable fuel sources
Used For



 A blend of both butane and propane fuel, isobutane is the quintessential choice for avid backpackers.

  • Comes in a variety of sizes (4 oz. 8 oz. and 16 oz)
  • Has a higher boiling point than standard butane canisters
  • Lightweight
  • Limited amount of camp stoves that are compatible with isobutane
  • Non Refillable
Used For 
  • Smaller Backpacking Stoves
  • A Small range of larger camp stoves

In an ever-changing world where portable stoves and burners are sent to your door on a whim, you'll want to be extra sure that you have the right fuel source for your particular item. So take your pick, choose wisely, and always remember to pack abundantly!